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Best Fistula & Fissure Treatment in Noida - FAQs

Dr. Sudhir believes in providing high-quality surgical care to patients in a friendly and compassionate environment and achieving broad-based excellence in the field of general surgery,


What is Fistula?

Fistula is not abnormal tearing but is defined as a passage or tunnel formation between the skin and the anus. One fistula will result in multiple fistulas developing.


What is a Fissure?

Fissure is a term used to define abnormal tearing of the skin. Small Fissures generally heal by themselves without the need for any treatment. However large fissures need surgerical repair.


What are the treatment of Fistula & fissure?

Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy and Fistulotomy are the most common surgical procedures for Fistua and Fissure treatment.

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Best Medical Care for Fistula & Fissure Surgery in Delhi

Dr. Sudhir Kumar believes that talking and listening to the patient is important for the healing and to take the best surgical decision lilke a team. He believes in treating the patient with humble attitude and calmness. He is a skilled surgeon in the field of general surgery. If you are looking for the best general surgeon in Delhi, visit Dr Sudhir today.

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