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Best Gastric Bypass Surgery in Noida -FAQs

Dr. Sudhir believes in providing high-quality surgical care to patients in a friendly and compassionate environment and achieving broad-based excellence in the field of general surgery,


What is Bariatric Surgery?

The surgeries performed to make the patient lose weight easily are known as bariatric surgeries. Gastric bypasss is one of the most popular bariatric surgeries performed by Dr Sudhir Kumar.


What happens in Gastric Bypass Surgery?

In this surgery, the doctor creates a small pouch from the stomach by means of stomach stapling and connecting the newly created pouch to the small intestine so that one should eat less and feel full sooner.


Who needs a Gastric Bypass Surgery?

It is most commonly performed when diet and exercise haven’t worked out or when a patient is having serious health issues related to weight. It is a surgery in which some changes are made in the digestive system which results in lesser consumption of food by the patient .

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Best Medical Care for Gastric Bypass Surgery in Delhi

Dr. Sudhir Kumar believes that talking and listening to the patient is important for the healing and to take the best surgical decision lilke a team. He believes in treating the patient with humble attitude and calmness. He is a skilled surgeon in the field of general surgery. If you are looking for the best general surgeon in Delhi, visit Dr Sudhir today.

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