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Common Thoracic Surgery FAQs

Dr. Sudhir believes in providing high-quality surgical care to patients in a friendly and compassionate environment and achieving broad-based excellence in the field of general surgery,


What is Thoracic Surgery?

Thoracic surgery is the clinical term for chest surgery. The chest surgery includes all the organs that are present inside the chest such as the lung, esophagus, and trachea.


What do you mean by Thoracotomy Surgery?

An incision is made between the ribs to access the lungs. In most cases, these surgeries are performed to remove the cancer tissue in lung cancer.


Why is Thoracic Surgery performed?

Thoracic surgeries are performed to treat lung cancer, heart disease and food pipe diseases. Lung tumors and emphysema require thoracic surgery in most cases.

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Best Medical Care for General Thoracic Surgery in Delhi

Dr. Sudhir Kumar believes that talking and listening to the patient is important for the healing and to take the best surgical decision lilke a team. He believes in treating the patient with humble attitude and calmness. He is a skilled surgeon in the field of general surgery. If you are looking for the best general surgeon in Delhi, visit Dr Sudhir today.

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