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Hernia Repair FAQs - Best Hernia Surgeon in Noida, Delhi NCR

Dr. Sudhir is the best hernia surgeon in Noida, Delhi, NCR for inguinal hernia, hiatal hernia, femoral hernia, incisional hernia, epigastric hernia and incisional hernia as well. He performs hernia repair treatments with and without mesh in routine at apollo hospital Noida, and Sukhmani hospital Delhi as well. Dr Sudhir provides high-quality surgical care to all his patients and provides follow ups as well. Book an Appointment with Dr Sudhir Kumar, the best hernia surgeon in Noida, Delhi NCR today. 


What is Hernia?

A hernia is the protrusion of abdominal contents through a weak area in the abdominal wall. It develops when the inside layers of the abdominal muscle wall get weakened that results in the formation of a bulge or tear.


How a Hernia is Treated?

It is treated by a minimally invasive surgery that uses a laparoscope which is a thin telescope-like instrument that repairs hernia.


When I will be discharged after surgery?

You will be discharged the next day after the laparoscopic hernia repair surgery.

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Best Medical Care for Hernia Repair Surgery in Noida, Delhi NCR

Dr. Sudhir Kumar believes that talking and listening to the patient is important for the healing and to take the best surgical decision lilke a team. He believes in treating the patient with humble attitude and calmness. He is a skilled surgeon in the field of general surgery. If you are looking for the best general surgeon in Delhi, visit Dr Sudhir today.

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